How to Get Membership to Friends of St Helena

Membership to Friends of St Helena is open to individuals and groups, of any nationality, living in the UK and elsewhere, who support the society’s aims. 

We have moved from a fixed year subscription period  (from the beginning of June through to the end of May the following year) to a moving year subscription whereby the subscription runs for 12 months from the month when the payment was made.  This change was made on the 4th August 2011.  Therefore, all subscriptions paid prior to that date will, as before, need to be be renewed in June 2012.  All subscriptions paid after the 4th August will need to be renewed 12 months after the month of payment.  We intend to give late payers two months leeway to pay their subscriptions before their names are removed from the membership database.

Members attending the Friends of St Helena AGM on the 21st May 2011 voted to increase the annual subscription fee in all countries other than St Helena by £5 per annum.  This vote was taken some time after subscriptions for the year commencing 1st June 2011 had been tendered to members at the old levels.  The increase in subscriptions will therefore not apply to existing members until the following year, commencing 1st June 2012.   

Current subscription rates are therefore as follows:

New Membership Applications:

  • £20 for households living in the UK
  • £10 for households living at St Helena
  • £30 for households living elsewhere
  • £350 for life membership, wherever applicants live

Existing Membership Renewals (up to 31st May 2012 only)

  • £15 households living in the UK
  • £10 for households living at St Helena
  • £25 for households living elsewhere
  • £350 for life membership, wherever members live

We now classify membership on a household basis.  The subscription fee is the same for a given household whether one or more members attend our meetings.  Likewise, our magazines are distributed and members-only website passwords/user names are allocated on a household rather than individual member basis.  Life members are normally classified on the basis of individual members.  All subscriptions must be paid in UK pounds sterling.  Members can pay in one of six ways:

  1. By sending us a cheque made payable to Friends of St Helena .
  2. By sending us a Standing Order, also made payable to Friends of St Helena . 
  3. Via Faster Payment Transfer – transfer funds online from your UK bank into the Friends of St Helena’s bank account, Lloyds Bank, Account Number 00909658, Sort Code 30-95-72.   Members with an overseas bank account can also transfer funds to the Society’s bank account electronically quoting the Friends of St Helena IBAN Code – GB98 LOYD 3095 7200 9096 58 (this includes five space characters) – and our BIC code – LOYDGB21108 (this includes no space characters)
  4. Via Paypal – please click HERE  This is an automated procedure which charges the full amount for new members to Friends of St Helena.  For existing members paying by Paypal please go to, log into your Paypal account, select the “Send Money” tab and enter our email into the payment form.
  5. For anyone living at St Helena, first deposit your £10 subscription fee at the Bank of St Helena into the account of Edward Baldwin, a/c 22255002.  Second, pleasecontact the Membership Secretary by email or letter advising that you have made the payment and quoting your full postal address at St Helena.
  6. Members without British bank or Paypal accounts can pay through Charity Choice using a credit card.  Although primarily designed to make donations to charities, the subscription fee to join Friends of St Helena can also be paid this way.  Click HERE to make this payment and then email the Membership Secretary that you have made the payment quoting your postal address and telephone number.

Note:  We know one of the most important reasons we lose members is that members have not told us of their change in address.  Please log into the members-only section with your password and user name and click into the “My Details” tag to update your postal address, email address or telephone number.  



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